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Street shawarma is an arabian fast-food outlet serving fresh, authentic and delicious shawarmas, kebabs and other arabian delights. They pride themselves with authentic recipes, enticing dishes and a fun atmoshpere. Their objective - capture the attention of the local market and thereby increasing visitors and revenue.

As creative head of the agency that took up this project, I handled the aesthetic side and created assets that portrayed the brand in a fun & attractive manner.

What I designed

  • Brand Mascot

  • Menu Card

  • Business Card

  • Creatives for Social Media

  • Posters & Print Collaterals

Mascot 1.jpg

Meet the Brand Mascot!

Arabian cuisine is highly sought-out in in India and the gyro grill used to make shawarmas has become a signature aspect of all arabian outlets serving this dish.


Outside every arabian food outlet, you will see this bright, glowing spinning gyro grill, cooking delicious looking meat that looks so appetizing.

I chose to use this gyro grill as inspiration in developing the brand mascot since it is easily recognizable among arabian food-lovers and is also inviting for people new to the cuisine.
mascot 2.png

Menu Design

The menu was meant to be displayed on the exterior of the outlet near live cooking space. I wanted the menu to be bright coloured in such a way that it comes together and complements the fire, oven, smoke, etc in the cooking space. I also made sure to have all the text content legible enough to be seen from a decent distance. 


Business Card

I designed a simple yet functional business card keeping the brand styles and colours in mind.

I also used the gyro grill from the logo in an artistic manner to improve brand recall. I used minimal, bold typefaces to ensure legibility.


Social Media Creatives & Other Marketing Assets

Fun-looking designs with a mix of enticing photography was the way to go to grab the attention of people.
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