Pitchers Journal

A day to day planner for baseball players (specifically pitchers) to set goals, record workout routines and track achievements.


Saga city zone is a company that creates products and services for the baseball market. They approached me to design a journal that would be used by baseball pitchers to record aspects of the game on a daily basis. 

I designed a user-friendly journal that was easy to use on a daily basis and also reflect on by players and coaches for regular review.
With given specifications, I divided the journal into 4 main page layouts.
  • Monthly planner pages

  • Pages to record workouts and practice routines

  • Pages to log performance-related data from practice sessions and match days

  • Review pages


Monthly Planner Pages

  • Spaces to note down practice times & important events.

  • Spaces to jot down notes to remember.

  • Spaces to set monthly goals to work on.

monthly planner.png

Routines & Workout Planner Pages

  • Includes brief information on what and how to record.

  • Spaces to build pre-bullpen & pre-game routines and carry them out accordingly.

routine planner.png

Performace Logging Pages

  • Spaces to set goals to be achieved in practice sessions and matches.

  • Spaces to track these goals with ease.

  • Spaces to record performance aspects efficiently in a user-friendly manner.

log pages.png

Review Pages

  • Spaces to review performance at regular intervals and set course for improvement.

review pages.png

Introduction Pages

name page.png
intro page.png
Mock 1.jpg