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  • Doing laundry by oneself is a tedious, time-consuming process. Whether it’s a professional individual living by themselves or a family with working parents.

  • More than 80% of the Indian laundry service market is unorganised in the form of “dhobis” (communities of people whose traditional occupation is laundering clothes, mostly in open environments) and maids.

  • There is lack of a technology based solution to organise and connect these individuals/families with laundry services while maintaining a smooth experience for both parties.

Dobi is a mobile application that would efficiently connect individuals with laundry services, taking the frustration & tediousness out of the overall laundry experience. No more frowns on laundry day :P

Design Process









Defining the






UI Design

User journeys

User interviews

User personas

Empathy maps

User stories

User flows

Paper prototypes

Mid-fi prototypes

Visual identity

Screen designs

01 - Problem Identification

In order to identify the problems, key pain points had to be pinpointed from the process of doing one’s laundry.

I did this by mapping out the user journey in two cases:

  • User washes clothes by themselves

  • User makes use of a laundry service 

User Journey

Intensity of pain points

User journey.png

02 - User Research

I interviewed a range of users from a variety of backgrounds to get a deep understanding of their laundry process. I made sure to keep the questions open-ended and encouraged interviewees to be as descriptive as possible.

Through this stage, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the laundry process of individuals and compare it with pain-points identified in the previous step.

Sample interview questions:

1. What thoughts does the word “Laundry” bring to your mind?

2. Do you wash your clothes by yourself? By what means do you do so?

3. How often do you wash your clothes?

4. Have you ever given your clothes to laundry service outlets? If so, how was your overall experience?

5. What kind of services do you expect from laundry service outlets?

6. Do you know about any good laundromats near your residence?

03 - Defining the Problem

In this stage, it was time to really empathise and get into the shoes of the user. From data collected during the interviews, I was able to prepare empathy maps and user personas.

Empathy Mapping

Empathy map.png

User Personas

Persona 1.png
Persona 2.png
Through this stage, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the laundry process of individuals and compare it with pain-points indentified in the previous step.

04 - Ideation

Once the problems were clearly defined and laid out, it was time to start coming up with ideas and creative solutions that would solve these problems.
  • User stories were jotted down to get an idea of the desired features from the perspective of users.

  • User flows & IA were structured to define the simplest path a user can take to achieve a goal.  

User stories

As a user, I want a feature, so that I can attain a goal

User stories.png

Simplified user flow and information architecture

User flow.png

05 - Prototyping

I started developing prototypes on paper in order to visualise the userflows and layouts while incorporating features that would solve the problems identified.
Paper protos.png
After some basic testing and I jumped on the screen and created mid-fidelity wireframes.

Primary userflow to send garment to launder

Mid-fi 1.png

Userflow to view & track the status of garments

Mid-fi 2.png

Account details, support flows & other screens

Mid-fi 3.png

06 - UI Design

Finally, I developed an appropriate visual identity and implemented it on the wireframes to arrive at the user interface designs.



Logo Design Concept

Logo formula.png

Lockup & App Icons

logo 3.png
app icon 1.png
app icon 2.png

Colour Scheme & Tyography

colours 2.png
type 2.png

Icons & Buttons

icons 2.png

Screen Designs

onboarding 2.png
launder 2.png
Launder your Clothes
track 2.png
View & Track your Orders
chat 2.png
Get Help with Issues
Chat with Laundromats
other 2.png
Other Screens
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