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ANIMA Design

Create from within


ANIMA Design is an architectural practice that takes a flamenco kind of approach to architecture at the pace of a ping-pong game. They design & build honest, intuitive homes/spaces that try to be the best representations of their own reality, channeling all conditions, constraints, functional issues, resources at hand, etc., into a resolute whole.


ANIMA’s core value is built around this simple concept - More than ideas, it is the inner sensibility that contributes to that special feel or quality of output.

Through this self-initiated brand identity project, I wanted to design a strong logo & visual identity system that would portray the core values of the brand in a meaningful way.

Design Process

01 - Learn and Discovery

Brief Study & Review, Project Research, Visual Research 

02 - Creative Direction

Brainstorming, Visual Concept Ideation

03 - Visual Design

Sketching, Development, Visual Design Output

01 - Learn and Discovery

 In this initial phase, my aim was to start a deep-dive and learn as much as I can about the industry and competitors. 

As this was a self-initiated project, I did not get a chance to conduct interviews with clients and thus, I did an in-depth study and review of the brief to absorb all the key points. 

After I had a clear understanding of the above, I carried out some research on similar brands in the industry and how their brand values were communicated. I also carried out some research focusing on the visual aspect - brand identities and visual systems of competitors, industry leaders and some general research as well. 

LD final.png

02 - Creative Direction

After the research process was done, it was time to start ideating. I reflected back on the brief and project research and started to list out the qualities and aspects that came to mind.

Here I asked myself:

- What is the product or company about, what does it stand for?

- What is its nature, essence or context?

- What is its personality?

- Is it serious or funny, modest or iconic, progressive or conservative, fast or slow, solo or together, up or down?

I sought to make connections with the qualities identified and interpret them in an imaginative way looking for possible visual connotations.
CD 1.png

Finally, I looked to identify possible design styles and traits that would communicate the right message, invoke the right emotions and tone of voice. 

03 - Visual Design

 Once I had some solid ideas, I started to sketch them out and see how it can come to life visually. 

Out of 3-4 concepts, the logotype concept with basic shapes coming together to form the word ANIMA was chosen and developed.


I wanted the logo to personify core values of the brand - simplicity and intuitiveness. I tried to achieve this through the use of very basic shapes & forms that come together to form a logotype. 


Colour scheme

I curated this colour scheme with the brand values of stability & earthliness in mind. This calm, pastel colour scheme is down to earth and easily approachable. It is also appropriate for the architecture industry. The turquoise accent can be used sparingly to highlight important aspects or as part of the pattern system.

colours 2.png


I chose a modern, sans-serif typeface that's appropriate to the brand values of modernity, simplicity, and completeness. After a lot of testing and comparisons, I made this particular choice as it had the cleanest variations with a boxy yet smooth look. It is very flexible and can be used in small sizes as well as large formats.

type 2.png

Pattern system

Building on the ideation behind the logotype, I designed a pattern system using solid, strong shapes that are simple and adaptable in nature. These basic forms are also representations of modern architecture.  

pattern 2.png
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